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Extractshak THCA Flower- Durban Poison x Lemon Party

Extractshak THCA Flower- Durban Poison x Lemon Party

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Want a legal, potent, real cannabis buzz? Meet our all-new Durban Poison THCA hemp flower! This pure Sativa is known its fast-acting effects, making users feel clear-headed, focused, and energetic, albeit a bit disoriented at first.

The THCA Durban Poison high will hit you right away, amplifying sounds and sights that may come as a bit disorienting at first. Not long after, however, this strain’s effects will slide you into an active, buzzy head high. Almost entirely cerebral with no couchlock or physical heaviness, this strain is perfect for creative endeavors and makes for the perfect social lubricant.

The Durban Poison strain, as its name may suggest, offers a spicy flavor, with pine and earthy undertones. This strain has a classic dank smell accentuated by hints of sweet licorice, with pungent and skunky flower that give a thick smoke.

Durban Poison Specifics:

  • Delta 9 THC: 0.023%
  • THCa: 22.7%
  • Total Cannabinoids: 25.2%
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