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Delta-9 THC 7.5mg (10ct)

Delta-9 THC 7.5mg (10ct)

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10 Pack: 7.5mg D9 THC, and 75mg Full Spectrum CBD per gummy (75 mg Delta 9 THC per package, 750 mg Full Spectrum CBD per package)

- Award Winning Flavors: Strawberry, Cherry, Lemon Lime, Green Apple, and Pineapple Mango

- Effects: Our 7.5 mg Fully compliant Hemp Derived THC Gummys- Our 10 pack of Delta 9 point 3 is our newest gummys to hit the market. With the ever changing regulations on our Delta 8 gummys we knew we had to come up with a new formula for the customers that need the extra dosage of THC that the full spectrum gummys cannot provide. These are quickly becoming one of our best sellers. 

-How can we sell them without being a licensed dispensary?

Our process starts with the highest quality, cleanest, and 100% compliant hemp grown under different state hemp programs. Next, our hemp is then sent to the extraction process where we pull out all of the naturally-derived quality hemp we all know and love. After we’ve determined that we have the cleanest, professionally tested, and highest quality distillate, we manufacture our products in house with our trained and detail oriented team, ensuring that each one is well under the required 0.3% Total THC by dry weight limit.

Take our gummies, for example. They weigh about 3.5 grams. Taking moisture content into consideration (remember, dry weight is what matters), we end up around 2.5 grams. Multiply that by 1,000 to get 2,500 milligrams. If you multiply 2,500 milligrams by 0.3%, you get 7.5 milligrams. That means with 3.5 gram gummy, we could actually pack in 7.5 milligrams of THC and still be under the legal limit!

-Will these get me high? These gummys may get you high. We recommend starting small, cutting the gummys into half’s or quarters. Your personal tolerance for THC and CBD will dictate how you react to our products.

-Is this Delta 8 THC? This product is different from Delta 8. Delta 8 THC is a completely different THC compound, and is currently only available through forcing a reaction with CBD (it has to be created in the lab). So, the existing processes to create Delta-8 often leaves many unknown isomers/compounds in the final product. This isn’t necessarily dangerous, but we just don’t know what those compounds are or what they do yet. All of ourproducts are full of the original THC that everyone knows and loves: Delta-9!

Recommended Dosage
● Start with a quarter to a half of a gummy and monitor. After 1-2 hours you do not have the desired effects, increase as needed. 

Note: Each pack contains 10 gummies

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